Foundation Story and Mission

The IUSARC was established under the auspices of the   April, 24, 2012 and with the efforts of the universities operating in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in order to help humanity with no discrimination of religion, language, race and geography.
For the establishment of the Council, 24 universities from 19 foreign countries provided contributions, except for TRNC universities.
Our Council currently has 44 universities from 22 countries and a national founder member. In addition, our council has an honorary president, 5 individuals, and an honorary member.


  • To work voluntarily in order to reduce the risk of disasters at home and abroad, to minimize the loss of life and property in all activities requiring operations of search and rescue, including natural disasters or accidents.
  • To reduce the risk of disasters, to strengten the capabilities of the management of the risk of disasters, the management to enhance search and rescue awareness among university students, to upgrade the standard of education equipped with conscious, organized, team spirit and technical knowledge in the search and rescue clubs set up in universities, and to create a disaster-resistant society.
  • To organize national or international search and rescue games to help raise awareness and to make more efficient the civil defence, to reduce the risk of disasters as well as search and rescue club services in the member universities.
  • To reduce the risk of disasters, to choose, train and raise educated and certified, talented members, to ensure the speedy establishment of teams and their timely arrival at the scene towards the efficient implementation of search and rescue operations.
  • To prepare the ground to organize workshops about first aid, reducing the risk of disasters, search and rescue, nature sports, alternative sports and other activities and training seminars for members or non-member public or private establishments, educational establishments as well as individuals, upon request.
  • To cooperate with and to offer advisory services to legal and private persons, foundations, public establishments and enterprises as well as non governmental organisations, which are set towards the same goals.
  • To organise, at home or abroad, meetings, symposiums, interviews, rallies, signature campaigns; to prepare publications such as books, brochures and alike; to form public opinon, to increase awareness among the public on matters related to search and rescue, reducing the risk of disasters, strengtening the capabilities of the management of the risk of disasters, creating a disaster-resistant society as well as on matters related to history, culture, education, health, nature and environment, where knowledge is recognised to be missing – with the responsibility the Council has shouldered as a non governmental orgnisation.


The Council’s Mission; To reach, in the shortest possible time, the people who have been under the influence of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods or accidents of substance in a totally voluntary but professional manner, to create the conditions necessary to extend help, to perform the correct search and rescue operations and extend first aid, to move towards the transportation of the affected to safer ground, to provide that loss of life is kept at minimum level, to raise search and rescue awareness.

The Council’s Values; The spirit of voluntarism, a desire to help without seeking any return, to value human life, honesty and reliability.