Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus

North Cyprus is a place of magic; fully deserving the title “Pearl of the Mediterranean”.  It has a rich and colourful tapestry of unspoilt natural beauty that ranges from golden beaches with sparkling crystal clear water to fields of carpeted wild flowers and the pine clad heights of the “Beşparmak Mountains” that runs for approximately 160 km (100 ml) along the northern coast of the island. Cyprus covers an area of 9,251 km2 and is the 3rd largest island (after Sicily and Sardinia) in the Mediterranean Sea.

The island enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate with long, warm and dry summers from mid-May to mid-October.  The winters are mild and sometimes rainy, lasting from December to February.  Summers and winters in Cyprus are separated by short autumn and spring seasons.


General Information

Regime: Parliamentary Democracy
Foundation: 15.11.1983
Flag Color: Red and White
Capital: Lefkoşa
Currency: Turkish Lira (TL)
Neighbouring Countries: South Cyprus (Greek Cypriot Administration), Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt
Area: 3,335 km2
Population: 256.207 (De Jure)
Religion: % 99 Islam, %1 Others
Language: Turkish (English commonly spoken)


Power in Northern Cyprus, voltage is 220/240 volts AC, supplied at 50 Hz. Standard British rectangular 3-pinned plugs at 5 amps or 13 amps are used, but also some older 2-pinned plugs / sockets exist.


Traffic in TRNC runs on the left. Vehicles arriving on the island require a valid TRNC Insurance. Turkish driving licenses are valid for 3 months.

GSM Operators:

TRNC TELSIM : 0542 / 0548