IUSARGames is organized with the aim of spreading the activities of the International Universities Search and Rescue Council (IUSARC) in the international arena, ensuring its recognition, increasing the ability and motivation of university students in Search and Rescue activities and making them a potential element and bringing new members to the council.

“International Universities Search and Rescue Games” was organized for the first time in the world in TRNC on 24-25 April 2016.

Students from all over the world attended the games organized in cooperation with the International Universities Search and Rescue Council and the Civil Defense Organization.

The game aims to contribute to world peace, TRNC alongside Turkey, Russia, Poland, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Somalia, participated in a total of 20 universities from 10 countries, including Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

With IUSARGames, which was organized with the aim of raising the awareness of young people studying in universities about search and rescue and creating a society that is ready and resistant to disasters, students came together to prepare for the main mission and different cultures got to know each other.

Teams in Search and Rescue Games; They compete in tracks such as rescuing live from vehicles and wreckage, rescuing by establishing an overhead line, finding a target using a map, and tracking all night.

Teams of six people are evaluated on the basis of using tools, correct movement, teamwork and acting safely.