International Disaster Management Symposium

The “Disaster Management” concept which was included in the activity planning of International Universities Search and Rescue Council was held on 24-25 April 2017 at the “International Disaster Management Symposium” at Acapulco Hotel.The symposium, which was held for two days and planned internationally, was conducted in 3 sessions.

International Disaster Management Symposium 1. Session

Moderator: Prof. Dr. H. Polat GÜLKAN

Murat BEYHAN AFAD Sendai Disaster Risk Reduction Framework

Fatih ÖZER AFAD Turkey Disaster Response Plan (TAMP) and Disaster Management and Decision Support System (AYDES)

Erdoğan ÇELEBİ Participating in All Stages of the Youth Disaster Risk Management Continuum (SSTB)

Ömer BULUT AFAD Civil Defense Volunteering Campaign

International Disaster Management Symposium 2. Session

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Meen B. Poudyal CHHETRI

Assist. Prof. Dr. Bertuğ AKINTUĞ METU Use and Importance of Data and Statistics Data in Reducing Disaster Risk

Professor Dr. Carl Welch TAYLOR University of Alabama College of Medicine USA Development of Pre-Disaster Medical Intervention

Professor Dr. İbrahim BENTER General Directorate of Foundations Protection of Cultural Heritage in Cyprus against Disaster and Emergency

Prof. Dr. James Carl HAGEN Saint Xavier University USA Geographic Information Systems and the importance of Space Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction

International Disaster Management Symposium 3. Session

Professor Dr. A. Nuray KANTARCI ODTÜ Post-Disaster Psychological Support

Professor Dr. Bishal Nath UPRETI University of Zambia Reason, Result and Future of theEarthquake Threat in Nepal and Beyond

Swasthani GURUNG Tribhuvan University The Relationship between Earthquake and Development

Prof. Dr. Meen B. Poudyal CHHETRI Nepal Center for Disaster ManagementMass Disaster Management